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Head Lice and Nit Treatment



Sanitizing service is a deep vacuuming process using a medical grade german machine to remove dust, germs, bacteria and allergens. This process is dry and chemical free, for this reason you don’t need to leave the house and you can use your mattress and sofas right away.All mattresses, carpets, pillows, sofas, curtains, upholstery furniture and A/C grills are included.We offer complimentary treatment in the room of the child who has been treated for head lice.


Used to sanitize and disinfect the surface. It destroys all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores while eliminating the risk of infection or contamination. No chemicals are used


Steam washing interiors .


Our Sanitization Packages

Full Home Deep Cleaning and Sanitization Package

Our Home Furniture Deep Cleaning and Sanitization Packages are tailor-made to provide a variety of our treatments, depending on the number of rooms at your apartment or villa.

Children's Room Deep Cleaning and Sanitization Package

The Children's Room Sanitization Package is one we've created with the little ones' health in mind. This package consists of several treatments from our service menu.

Individual Room Deep Cleaning and Sanitization

Our individual room sanitization package has been created with single room treatment requirements in mind. The package consists of several different treatments from our service menu.