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How to Treat lice in hair?

Get the same professional head lice treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah at home!Upon request, our lice technicians can come over to your house to give you the same hair lice treatment provided in our salons, using our unique suction system to effectively remove all head lice & nits.

Benefit from the Best Lice Treatment Right at Home!

An infestation can be an issue for children, from school performance to physical injury.Our hair lice treatment is chemical free and suitable for pregnant women and people with allergies. We also offer lice treatment for kids!The process is pain free. We guarantee this because the suction systems that we use are already tested successfully in many countries.We also offer you a home service where you will be able to get the treatment you or your child needs at the comfort of your home.


These are the 3 steps we perform in our child friendly salons or in the comfort of your house:



We check thoroughly by hand each strand of hair, ensuring that head lice treatment has been successful and that there are no more lice or nits alive.



The hair is divided into small sections to ensure we do not miss out any space. Using our unique suction system we guarantee the removal of more than 90% of the lice and nits.



Going back over the sections to which we previously applied suction, we use our special metal combs for lice and nits to remove virtually all of the infestation.

After a week we provide a free follow up to ensure that the treatment has been successful.Parents and children treated will only have to follow some simple tips to ensure that the infestation does not happen again.

Looking for Hair Lice Treatment for Kids at Home?

At No More Lice, we understand the importance of providing the best lice treatment and services for your kids. Our trained technicians provide in-home service where they will come to your house and get rid of all head lice and nits safely with our unique suction system.We use a natural, chemical free solution so you can be assured that no harsh chemicals are going to be used on your child’s hair or scalp.For us, your child’s safety is the utmost priority and our experienced technicians will make sure that they get the best hair lice treatment at home with the utmost care and gentleness.

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Get the best head lice treatment for kids at home with No More Lice. With us, there is no need to worry about spending time in overcrowded salons or the use of harsh chemicals.Contact us today and get the best lice treatment for your kids at home. Give us a call today on +971 501 528 828 to book an appointment and get rid of lice in your child’s hair safely and effectively. We will be more than happy to help you out with our tried and tested hair lice treatment!

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If you or your child are suffering from a lice infestation, book an appointment to get rid of these parasites right at the comfort of your home. You can schedule a session by connecting with us at +971 501 528 828.