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Protect your family against lice with our range of products specifically developed with a blend of natural repellent oils of neem and tea tree oil.

Gentle and safe our hair lice products are suitable for daily use by the whole family.

Paraben free, developed and manufactured in Italy.


Choose From Our Range Of Preventive Products & Lice Removal Shampoos

At No More Lice – the UAE’s No.1 Lice Treatment Salon, we have developed an exclusive range of high quality anti lice shampoos and preventive products for the safe, effective and guaranteed removal of lice and nit from your scalp and to prevent further growth and lice infestations in the future. Our preventive products include NML anti lice shampoo, NML anti lice conditioners, detanglers and scalp lotions.

These products are dermatologically tested and approved and developed by the top experts and derma specialists in Italy using advanced technology and technique and clinically proven to be 100% effective, reliable and safe to be used on all hair types by people of all age groups.

Our Hair Lice Shampoo is Natural, Organic & Chemical-Free

The best thing about our preventive head lice shampoos and related products is that there are no harmful chemicals present that may harm your scalp skin or damage your hair. These products can be used on a daily basis by all the members of the family. It is also the best lice shampoo for kids!

The neem and tea tree oil essence present in our head lice shampoo Dubai keep the hair soft and shiny. Our products are paraben-free and made up of 100% organic and natural substances, thereby making them perfectly suitable to be used on a regular basis without any harmful side effects. It is for reasons such as these that it is deemed as the best anti lice shampoo in UAE!

A Safe and Affordable Hair Lice Solution for You and Your Family

You can visit our online store to order our brand new NML anti-lice shampoo, hair conditioners and scalp lotions today available at affordable prices and exclusive packaging. We believe in providing solutions that are eco-friendly, natural and result driven providing long lasting benefits for effective lice removal in Dubai without compromising your hair and skin health.

To place your orders or for any related queries, you can call us today at our hotline or drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you shortly.