Lice aren't nice

& we are here

to help you

Who are we?

At No More Lice, we use the most innovative and harmless technique to fight lice and nits.

Our treatment is natural, organic, and chemical-free. No products applied.

All our centers have highly trained staff who can treat all types of hair.

Our professional team members use the best equipment to ensure the removal of lice and nits, providing personalized service to each client.

We Are Proud To Be

UAE 1st Lice & Nits Removal Saloon

No More Lice is the first and only salon specialised in head lice and nits removal in the UAE.​

Because our mission is to get rid of lice, we take care of your environment. We sanitize your home and your car. We don’t give chances for lice to stay.

Lice and Nits Treatment for Pregnant Women

​All our products and services are chemical free.

All our services are suitable for pregnant ladies and for people with allergies.

We want to provide the softest solutions to let you live your pregnancy in peace.

Organic and Chemical-free Lice Treatment

Our lice removal machines are mechanical comb removing lice by suction system.

Our preventive products are all natural and respect the environment.

Our Ozone sanitizer don’t use chemicals.

All our services are chemical free, natural and organic.


Our lovely team is here to offer families unparalleled expertise in head lice removal with 100% effectiveness. Each of our child-friendly salons provides a clean, safe and relaxing environment for parents and children for a stress free treatment.


At No More Lice, we care about the planet and sustainability. We don’t use water in our lice removal treatments. All our products and services are organic and chemical free.


The story of No More Lice, told by our co-founder Paola, on Dubai Eye 103.8 News, Talks & Sport.