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Why Your Family Keeps Getting Lice (and How to Banish Them Forever)

by Paula Surdo 07 Nov 2023

Lice are not nice, and the only thing worse than getting head-lice is getting head-lice again.

If you clicked on this blog post, you already know the struggle!

At No More Lice, we believe that you and your family deserve to live without the constant stress of returning head-lice!

Here are the two most likely reasons why lice have returned to your household and the key steps to banishing them forever:

1. Sharing is (Not Always) Caring

Headphones, earphones, hats, clothes, towels, pillows…

We’ve all borrowed or shared at least one of these items in the past.

But what if we told you that these kinds of items are the perfect breeding ground for lice?

You see, lice don’t always need a human host to breed.

In fact, lice that fall off the body can survive for 1-2 days without feeding.

And, if they are kept at similar temperatures to the scalp, nits can hatch into lice without needing a host.

So, by the time you get rid of most of the head-lice on your scalp with an over-the-counter solution, your home could already be completely infested with lice!

(That’s why an important part of the expert service we provide is getting rid of the lice from your home for you, but more on that later.)

Any sharing of these kinds of items provides lice with the perfect opportunity to find a new host.

Don’t let it be you or your family!


2. Unsuccessful Lice Treatments

By far, the most common reason why lice return is due to over-the-counter lice treatments.

The fact is, while these kits often appear to be the most convenient lice-killing solution, they cannot guarantee a 100% success-rate.

Female lice can lay up to 8 eggs (nits) per day, so these treatments will struggle to catch every single lice and nit on the scalp.

Often, one or two are left behind on the scalp (and countless others around the house).

And, as we all know, it doesn’t take too long for that one nit to become hundreds.

There might be nothing worse than being caught in the treat-scratch-repeat head-lice cycle.

Luckily, that’s where we come in.

At No More Lice, it is our mission to help you beat nits and head-lice, once and for all.

Our entire team of highly qualified experts work tirelessly to make your household a lice-free home.

You can find us in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where we use innovative lice and nit-removal technology in our child-friendly clinics to free families from lice forever.

To find out more about how we help families just like yours, follow us on:

Instagram: @nomoreliceuae

Facebook: @Nomorelice


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