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Lice prevention starts at home

by Paula Surdo 07 Nov 2023

You’re very cautious when keeping an eye on your child while he’s playing and having fun. But what if you should protect him from something that you can’t see with your bare eyes? Lice can attack everywhere! 

These parasitic bugs aren’t selective and will settle in anybody’s hair, whether it’s long, very short, neat, or filthy hair. They are very infectious and particularly widespread among children in kindergarten, daycare, or schools, etc.

What are head lice? 

Head lice are very small bugs about the size of a sesame seed. They feed on blood from the scalp in slight quantities, and they can typically survive around 1 to 2 days without a blood meal.

Head lice life cycle is approximately 28 days. Meanwhile, they keep developing in 3 phases; egg which is called a nit, nymph, and then into an adult louse. 


Head Lice settle their eggs to the hair near the scalp. The eggs are called nits. A few nits may change their color to fit in with the victim’s hair tone, which makes them difficult to be detected. We may usually mistake them for dandruff. Nits stick to the hair firmly even after the eggs hatch in 6 to 9 days. 


The nymph seems like an adult louse yet it is tinier. It develops into an adult louse around 7 days after being hatched.


Adult lice can duplicate quickly and produce up to 10 eggs daily. 

This vicious circle can keep occurring continuously if head lice aren’t well treated.

How do you treat head lice?

Head lice prevention starts at home. As a parent, you can protect your kid with simple steps. You can start by checking your child regularly for head lice, which is an effective strategy to detect head lice before they invade your child’s hair. 

No More Lice is an international brand that offers treatment and prevention products to fight lice.  

You can also use their various chemical-free products safely. Home disinfectants from No More Lice are composed of tea tree and Citronella, and they offer prevention of lice and their re-infestation while keeping your house lice-free.

If you ever find these nasty bugs, here’s your checklist: 


Don’t waste time on useless methods as homemade remedies. Some parents may apply edible ingredients like mayonnaise, olive oil, and vinegar to their kids’ heads. However, these ingredients aren’t effective enough to kill lice for good. 

Avoid exposing your kid to harmful chemicals. Getting lice is damaging for the hair and skin. But it would be more damaging, if you use strong chemical products to kill lice, especially for your child. 


Use chemical-free products

No More Lice has chemical-free products based on natural ingredients and contain all the effective components to kill lice. At the same time, they are gentle and delicate even on sensitive and allergic kids. You can even use No More Lice prevention products to prevent lice before the crisis occurs.

Seek professional help

One of the main reasons why head lice keep persisting despite the treatment is the incorrect application of the product.

With hundreds of nits sticking fiercely in your kid’s hair, the treatment would demand a more effective method of treatment. No More Lice, as a professional center, has the necessary equipment and the skills to get rid of lice without frightening or hurting your kid and in just 90 minutes. They use a suction system and specialized tools to ensure lice removal, and they follow up with you after a week to check if there are still any lice hidden. 

Protect your whole family

If one of your family members got lice, how would you preserve your whole family from the infection? Nowadays, getting rid of lice became more comprehensive, from killing lice to even the tiny nits for good. One crucial thing to do when you have an infected family member is to check all your household too. No More Lice also provides a home service full check to all the family, as well as disinfecting your house.

Clearing lice is very tricky and complicated, especially that re-infestations can happen again at any time. Children are usually extroverted and social, and they play in groups a lot or are inseparable from their besties. All head lice-spreading scenarios will always be there. Therefore lice prevention is crucial to avoid such a dilemma, and it all starts at home. 

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