Head Lice

Lice prevention starts at home

You’re very cautious when keeping an eye on your child while he’s playing and having fun. But what if you should protect him from something that you can’t see with your bare eyes? Lice can attack everywhere!  These parasitic bugs aren’t selective and will settle in anybody’s hair, whether it’s long, very short, neat, or filthy hair. They are very infectious and particularly widespread among children in kindergarten, daycare, or schools, etc. What are head lice?  Head lice are very

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Head Lice Diagnosis and Treatment – NML

Whether you or your loved one experience a tickling sensation of something moving around in the hair, with some itching, caused by an allergic reaction to louse bites, or irritability and difficulty sleeping, or sores to the scalp caused by scratching, which can sometimes become infected by bacteria present on the person’s skin. That is when you immediately have to consult a specialist to evaluate your hair situation! If you are Dubai-based, No More Lice as the first and only

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